TOP 5 Best Video Editing App for Android 2019

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TOP 5 best and simple video editing app for Android | Friends, today we will talk about the Top 5 Video Editing App for Android and these apps are absolutely free.
If you use these applications and editing the video then there will be a lot of great video editing through mobile.
If you are a new YouTube user and you are editing your videos on mobile then these applications are for you. This is TOP 5 Best Video Editing App for Android. Those Video Editing App for Android is free.


Top 5 Video Editing App for Android


video editing app for Android
Kinemaster is one of the best video editing app for Android. Friends, the first application of our list is Kinemaster.  If you are a beginner, then in the first place you will have a problem with using these apps.  After all, it will be fine. If you want to know more about it, you can take a look at the YouTube video.

Power Director

video editing app for Android
Friends Power Director is a great video editing app, Friends, this application is used by many big YouTube users for their video editing. Friends, you know, Technical Dost is a big one YouTuber, editing his video and using this application, So you definitely try this app once.


video editing app for Android
Friends, this video editing app is very awesome and interesting, friends, you get to see great music effects on Editing video, friends, you definitely use this application. This application is available in the play store.

Video Show

video editing app for Android

Friends Video Show is also a great video editing app, and many many people use it, to edit your video for YouTube and Facebook, etc, friends should use this application in one’s time. application download link available on down below.

FilmoraGo pro apk –  FreeVideoEditor

video editing app for Android
FilmoraGo is another wonderful video editing application. Friends are our 5t video editing app, Filmora, which is a great and amazing app, editing the video, you get a very simple layout, and friends do not see any watermark inside the app, FilmoraGo is very simple and powerful video editing apps. Many of YouTuber use FilmoraGo Apps and editing her video.

This most popular and powerful Android video editing apps.  Those apps available in play store and I am sharing those app link for down below. This is the best video editing app for android download and uses it. If you like our article TOP 5 video editing app for Android so do sharing your social media and do comment.