Top 10 Tallest People In The World

Top 10 Tallest People In The World

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pause for a moment to look at our rundown of the best ten tallest individuals in world history. Who is the tallest man ever? What nation would he say he is from? When was he born?  Find the responses to these inquiries and considerably more with this great rundown of the tallest people ever. Note that the main ten incorporates just the tallest statures recorded and as such do exclude contested and unconfirmed cases. They are exact starting in 2010 and remember estimations for both measurement meters and magnificent feet and inches. Appreciate this main ten rundown and our wide scope of other intriguing realities and data for kids.

When, the actor who plays ‘The Mountain’ on ‘Game of Thrones’ and stands tall at 6 toes and 9 inches, started dating his present-day girlfriend who is a mere 5 feet 2 inches, we couldn’t help but stalk their Instagram pix to gape at the height difference. And probably figure out more crucial logistics. If you thought ‘The Mountain’ was one of the tallest humans to stroll the earth, let us inform you he doesn’t even come close. In fact, if we were to list out the tallest of males and females within the world, Sir Gregor Clegane would sense vertically challenged. Here are a number of tallest people within the world.

10. Radhouane Charbib – 7 ft 9 in

Top 10 Tallest People In The World

Radhouane Charbib (born 27 October 1968) was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the
Tn radhouanecharbib tallest living man, until January 15, 2005, when Bao Xi Shun was measured at Chifeng City Hospital, Inner Mongolia, China, and recorded as being 2 millimeters taller.

9. Sun Mingming – 7 ft 9 in

Sun Mingming

Sun Mingming is a former Chinese professional basketball player and actor. He is the tallest professional basketball player in the world and was measured by the Guinness World Records as 7 ft 9 in (2.36 m) tall. Sun Mingming has also appeared in films like ‘Rush Hour 3’ and ‘Funny Soccer’.

8. Bao Xishun – 7 ft 9 in

Bao Xishun

Xishun Bao (also known as Xi Shun; born November 2, 1951) is a herdsman from Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, China, recognized by Guinness World Records as one of the world’s tallest living men. He was formerly certified as the tallest living man by the Guinness World Records. However, on September 17, 2009, Sultan Kösen overtook Bao Xishun as the tallest living man. Interestingly, Xishun Bao who is a herdsman from Inner Mongolia in China, was of average height until he was 16. It was only afterward that he rapidly grew in size. He got married in the year 2007, at the age of 56, and has a son from the marriage.

7. Naseer Soomro – 7 ft 10 in

Naseer Soomro

Naseer Ahmed Soomro hails from Shikarpur in Pakistan and is believed to be the second tallest man in the country. He once revealed how he was instructed by the police in Shikarpur and Karachi to avoid stepping out of his house on weekends because his presence attracted huge crowds causing law and order problems. The country’s tallest man is suffering from illness and in a recent video shared online, he appealed the prime minister for help.

6. Asadulla Khan – 7 ft 11 in

Asadulla Khan

Asadulla Khan (born 1988) is the tallest living person in India. He is 7’10” tall. At 7 feet 11 inches, Asadulla Khan is the tallest man in India. Interestingly, his family members including his father, brother, and mother are only 5 feet tall. Asadulla hails from Kendrapada in West Bengal.

5. Zhang Juncai – 7 ft 11 ¼ in

Zhang Juncai

Zhang Juncai (born 1966) is one of the world’s tallest people, standing at least 2.42 meters (7 ft 11 in) tall. Juncai is from Shanxi Province, China. He was verified as China’s tallest man on 23 November 2010 at 2.42 meters (7 ft 11 in). Zhang went to the hospital in April 2009, to visit his friend, the 2.34-meter (7 ft 8 in) tallest living woman Yao Defen. Till 2004, Zhang Juncai who hails from Shanxi Province was the tallest man in China.

4. Dharmendra Pratap Singh – 8 ft 0.7 in

Dharmendra Pratap Singh

Dharmendra Pratap Singh is a Pratapgarh native and an MA in Hindi literature. He is 7’5″. Dharmendrapratapsingh
”Dharmendra has a very rare disorder called acromegaly,” informs ENT surgeon Alok Agarwal. “This is caused by a pituitary tumor that is making the gland continuously secret the growth hormone. It is also putting pressure on his optic nerve. As a result, Dharmendra has poor eyesight, frequent headaches, diabetes, laxity of joints, and, of course, abnormally large extremities. Poverty has also made him malnourished – his weights only 70 kilograms,” says Agarwal who first came across this case on TV and got in touch with Dharmendra, who said he could not afford to pay for treatment. An MA in Hindi literature, Dharmendra Pratap Singh who hails from Uttar Pradesh, stands tall at 8 feet 1 inch and has struggled to find love because of his height. He hasn’t also been able to get a regular job for the same reason and had to take up a job at an amusement park where he was paid for letting people click pictures with him.

3. Morteza Mehrzad – 8 ft 1 in

Morteza Mehrzad

Morteza Mehrzad Selakjani is a sitting volleyball player, playing as an outside hitter He is the tallest man in Iran, the tallest Paralympian in history, and currently the joint-second tallest man alive in the world Morteza Mehrzad is a Paralympian who plays for Iran’s men’s national sitting volleyball team. Not only is he the tallest man in his country Iran, but he is also the tallest Paralympian ever.

2. Brahim Takioullah – 8 ft 1 in

Brahim Takioullah

Rahim Takioullah (born 26 January 1982 in Guelmim, Morocco) is a Moroccan man who formerly held the Guinness World Record for largest feet and is officially the second-tallest living person. Suffering from the condition acromegaly, Brahmin always had trouble finding shoes that were big enough to fit him, until his doctor got a pair specially made for him.

1. Sultan Kösen – 8 ft 2.8 in

Sultan Kösen

Sultan was born on 10 December 1982, but he didn’t start his incredible growth spurt until he was 10 years old. The rest of his family, including his parents and four siblings, are all average size. A Kurdish farmer, Sultan Kösen stands at eight ft 2.8 inches and is the tallest residing man inside the world, as in keeping with Guinness World Records. His abnormally tall stature is because of a condition referred to as acromegaly that affects the production of increased hormone within the pituitary gland.

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