How To Rank Your Blog with SEO

How To Rank Your Blog with SEO

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How To Rank Your Blog with SEO

if your blog isn’t ranking within the second page of the search, then there are very few chances that there will be enough traffic on your site. It is, for this reason, that SEO firms are becoming popular in almost every place like the SEO Company in Singapore, Malaysia, Delhi, Ohio, etc. SEO benefits the small business owners as well as large bloggers, to achieve a higher ranking. There are several ways as to how you can elevate the rank of your blog.

It is an obvious fact that your blog needs to have quality content. But, this is not the only criteria to be fulfilled for your blog to rank high. There are many other parameters which you must consider. One of the primary criteria is to structure an enticing website, which will be user-friendly as well as SEO-friendly. At the beginning of your blog, include a short yet attractive abstract of the entire content, because it has been proven that only a few number of people will scroll down and read the entire thing. Majority of them seriously reads the upper portion of the blog, and if they find it interesting, they continue with the rest. Thus, if you aren’t able to stock in the initial parts of the blog, you lose your rank gradually.

Next, too many advertisements on your blog can irritate the visitor, and so he or she will not even take more than a minute to shift to the next site. This will definitely inhibit the traffic drive in your blog. This can also slow down the loading speed of the page, which is also not acceptable. Take up two to three ads at the most and leave out the rest. Another thing you can apply for a fast working website is to resize the images you are attaching with the blog. Too much of images can also harm the speed. And it is a very common fact that viewers will hardly keep patience and wait for the page to load with all its features, but go to the next one. Thus decorate your website wisely.

Then comes the content. Your blog should be homing a valid and relatable keyword from which you can expand to a few secondary keywords too. But also, while giving a title to the blog do not saturate it with keywords or key phrases. Now, one thing you get to keep in mind while selecting a title is that keep it natural, short, and dynamic like with 50-60 characters or less but not more than that. Try to fill your post with relevant FAQs that will keep the audience attracted throughout.

Not only for the title but keep the URLs short too. However, at the same time, make sure that the users understand the probable matter of your content once they read the URL or title. While constructing a URL, avoid number and try to use dashes in place of underscores. Also, keep the letterings of your URL in lowercase.

When designing the website, Meta description, headings and subheadings should be an inevitable part. These things help in the enhancement. Also, try to break up your content into short and dynamic paragraphs.

Lastly, the main backbone for ranking is to be consistent and continuous. Posting a blog once in a blue moon will not work wonders. You need to be regular with your post so that you aren’t forgotten and overdone by others. These are some of the main tips as to how you can rank your blog with SEO.