How to Install Tubebuddy on Chrome (Step by Step) Easy

How to Install Tubebuddy on Chrome (Step by Step) Easy

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What is TubeBuddy? 
Tubebuddy is a service that lets you significantly improve the way you post videos on Youtube. This service starts by connecting to your youtube channel to gather information on the channel and its content. The significant part of the service comes with a browser add-on which is available for both firefox and chrome. It adds a dashboard screen to the youtube page that shows the live stats of the video. It’s especially useful while posting videos; it helps you set the title, description, taglines, keywords etc. to improve the search engine visibility of the video. One of the primary tools in the service is the ability of the software to find relevant keyword based on the primary keyword which I find useful quite too often. the service can be used for free with limited features and if you need more insights you can upgrade to some higher plans. the service lets you use the pro features at a cheap rate if you’re a new channel thus help you start off.

Do you want to install Tubebuddy in chrome? If yes then this tutorial is especially for you because in this tutorial I will show you step by step Tubebuddy installation and guide.

I think you know that Tubebuddy is the best tool to grow your youtube channel faster 🙂

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Here is How to install Tubebuddy on Chrome:

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Here are the steps to install Tubebuddy on Chrome Browser:

  1. Open Tubebuddy from here

    The First Step I have for you is to open Tubebuddy from this link. when you click on the above link you can see website like this (see screenshot below)

    How to Install Tubebuddy on Chrome (Step by Step) Easy

  2. Click on Install Free on Chrome

    The Second Step I have for you is when you are in Tubebuddy site now you need to click on Install Free on Chrome Button

  3. Click on Add to Chrome Button

    The Third Step I have for you is when you click install free on chrome button a new page will open, Now you need to click on Add to Chrome Button and wait for popup.

  4. Allow Chrome to Install Extension

    The Fourth Step I have for you is when you click on add to chrome button now chrome ask confirmation to add Tubebuddy, Now Press Add Extension Button to Start Installation. It takes some time on installation it depends on your internet speed.

After following the whole process, Now Tubebuddy is successfully installed on your chrome browser. Now you need to connect/setup Tubebuddy with your channel.

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Quick steps to install Tubebuddy:

  1. Open Tubebuddy From Here
  2. Click on Install free on chrome
  3. Click on Add to Chrome Button
  4. Allow Chrome to Add Extension

If you follow all steps that given in the article then you easily install Tubebuddy in chrome. If you have any questions regarding this then feel free to ask in the comment box.