Google Search Console – Beginner’s Guide

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One of the most important things that every single searcher considers a website being reliable would be the percentage of traffic that a site produces. Traffic, may seem to connote a negative meaning when we talk about the things we can see on the streets, but in the web market, this is the measurement of a good, trustworthy, and reliable website.

Thus, a lot of web marketers have been searching for many ways how they can increase their site’s traffic day by day. Bear in mind that maintaining high site traffic is not an easy task to do. While there are lots of strategies and techniques you can find anywhere to increase your site’s traffic, a more comprehensive and user-friendly online tool is now ready for you to use so that the generation of your site’s traffic will just be a piece of cake.

This is the so-called Google Search Console. GSC for short, this tool is considered to be Google’s ultimate and powerful gem. This toll may not be as popular as Google Analytics, but once you give it a try in using it, you’ll’ definitely love using it. So today, as you along and learn the awesome benefits of GSC, in this article, we’d like to introduce you to this tool, what’s in it for every SEO Expert, and how does it help in driving more traffic for your website.

All about Google Search Console 

The GSC is considered as a base for all the things that you do related to your site.  Besides, Google defines GSC as a free tool in which they offer to help you in monitoring and maintaining your website’s appearance in every Google search result. As mentioned, this is offered by Google for free and you do not have to sign up and enroll for this. You just need to know how to navigate and use this tool to aid you in checking the overall performance of your website.

Below are some of the major benefits of using Google Search Console

SEO Expert and Specialist – for every SEO Marketers whose primary job responsibility focuses more on advance online marketing techniques, GSC helps you in making sure that you can monitor your site at ease. At the same time, you also have the ability to optimize your website, generate technical decisions, and influence various marketing analysis based on the result of your site’s performance displayed by GSC.

Website Administrators – if you work as a site administrator, your primary role is to make sure that your website provides a healthy operation. This means that you must have the ability to fix any server errors, load issues, and major issues like the site’s security. When you use GSC, you have the ability to perform these tasks without a hitch.

Business Owners – if your business and you build a site to reach a wider audience and possible, you must use GSC to properly monitor your overall website optimization.

Website Developers – as a developer, you face and work complex website building codes. By using Google Search Console, you can resolve markup issues easily and errors in structured data.

Now that you have known what is GSC and its advantages, let’s dig in on how to navigate and use this tool.

Add and Verify A Site In GSC 

Before using a Google Search Console and if you are new to this tool, the first thing you need to do it to add and verify your site. This is to make sure that Google will determine if you are a webmaster, authorized user, or the website owner. You must create first a GSC account and once done, you ’ll see an “Add Property” box in which you can enter your site’s address. You will then prompted a window that you have successfully added and verified your account.

Annex An HTML Tag 

This is a part of the GSC tool which is best for users and owners who work with HTML codes thoroughly. Starting from the GSC dashboard, click the “Manage Property” box and “Verify This Property” for you to see the “Add HTML Tag”. After that step, you can copy the HTML code of your site and paste it to the GSC window that you have opened.

Moreover, once you have successfully added the verification code and published the updated one, you will be able to see a verified screen and make sure not to remove the generated verification code so that it won’t get unverified.

Uploading HTML File 

When you try to upload an HTML file, you must go to a button that says “Manage Site” then after that “Verify This Site”. This step requires you to download an HTML file. Make sure that once you download and upload an HTML file, you don’t make any unnecessary changes because by doing so, Google Search Console won’t read it. Make sure you won’t delete it after uploading it to make sure that your site will remain verified.

Verifying Through A Domain Name Provider 

A domain name provider is a specific company where you bought a domain in which your site is hosted. Upon using this, this does not only prove that you are utilizing a domain provider, but you own everything from its subdirectories and subdomains that it is associated with.

The same tabs you will be seeing and using, the “Manage Site” and Verify This Site”. You will see the “Domain Name Provider” and from there you are opted to select your provider. On the other hand, if you do not see the name of your provider, you can click “Other” and you will be prompted with the next instructions on how you can continue.

Utilizing Google Tag Manager 

The last category you can use in the same GSC window is using a Google Tag Manager. Upon using this method, you must have the ability to “VIew, Manage, or Edit” an enabled account in GTM. The same things with the other categories, do not remove your add GTM to make sure you have a verified website.

Technically, using a Google Search Console is a money-saving yet site-traffic generating tool you can use for your website. While the things laid out above are just general instructions and basic requirements that you can take, using GSC to increase your site traffic will definitely aid and improve your overall Google search rankings.